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Michelle Brennan


I originally started out as a computer science major so I have three years of background in computer science, including two co-ops. I decided to switch because after my second coop, I found I had a growing interest in design, and specifically web design. So now I have a cs minor and digial media major with a strong focus in both web development and design.

Recent Content By Michelle Brennan

A Tutorial about Digital Media

02/07/12 by Michelle Brennan

Digital Media is a major at drexel that now has been split into three related majors - game design, web development, and animation.  Previously classes for these majors were all p... more

Whitespace before Doctype

03/05/12 by Michelle Brennan

There is whitespace before the tag in a couple of my pages and it is causing there to be a page break at the very top that is undesired.  Does anyone have any idea what... more

Question about UV Mapping

02/29/12 by Michelle Brennan

I was trying to map my 3d head in maya and the texture I apply is stretched in a few strange areas but I cannot figure out why. Is there any way I can fix this without having... more


03/04/12 by Michelle Brennan

This is a short excerpt from my final animation for Animation 2. Please tell me what you think and how it can be improved.... more