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A Tutorial about Digital Media

02/07/12 by Michelle Brennan

Digital Media is a major at drexel that now has been split into three related majors - game design, web development, and animation.  Previously classes for these majors were all part of the digital media curriculim  but now they are three seperate majors, allowing students to focus on the area of most interest to them, although they all have some overlap.  

Digital Media is a 4year program with one co-op cycle that also provides oppotunity for an accelerated track to get your masters in 5 years, adding one extra year to the undergrad but saving the student a year or two in the long run if the student is accepted into the program.  This means big savings. 


In order to get set up for this you will need to blah blah blah. blah blbah bblah blah balh

Step 2: Choosing a Color Scheme

Its improtnat to keep in mind that all colors are affected by their surroundings. In other words, color is relative and what looks good together largely depends on the surrounding colors.

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Michelle Brennan

Michelle Brennan on 02/26/12 @ 06:01pm

Another Example Comment.
Michelle Brennan

Michelle Brennan on 02/26/12 @ 01:58pm

This is interesting. Good point.