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User Guidelines

Here at DIGM Vault we want to keep everything friendly and fun, so there are just a few general rules we ask everyone to follow when creating content for the site. Violation of these rules could result in banishment from DIGM Vault. You don't want that when DIGM Vault is such a great resource!

Rule 1: Keep it constructive

When providing feedback to other students, keep it professional and make your words count. For example, telling someone his work or question is "garbage" is unacceptable. If you think a student's work could be improved tell him how and why you think your suggestion would be an improvement. Just because you don't like someone's color scheme doesn't mean it's poor design. Does that color scheme utilize color theory? Or is it that you just dislike the color blue? These are some things to think about before passing judgements onto your peers.

Rule 2: Don't share anything you wouldn't share with your mother.

Although we are all adults here, please keep all work and comments G rated. No cursing and no sexy nudity. We want to keep DIGM Vault professional as well as a comfortable place for everybody.